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#1 Best-Selling Book Reveals:

The Ultimate Strategy to Position Yourself as the Obvious Expert Allowing You to Eliminate Competition and Command High Prices

The #1 Authority Secret

Let me paint you a picture.

Imagine yourself talking to a prospective customer. They’re asking questions about your business and the solutions you provide, and you say to them something like, “We literally wrote the book on that. In fact, here it is.” Then you hand them a real-life print book with your name on it.

How do you think that person you will see you? As the trusted authority and expert? Of course.

Do you think they’ll be predisposed to do business with you? Or at least to continue the conversation? Of course.

Do you think that this new position you have put yourself in will allow you to charge higher fees? Of course.

All of this can be accomplished by doing one simple thing…

Writing and publishing what’s called a Credibility Book.

But don’t worry. A Credibility Book is very different than a traditional book. We’ll get into all the details in the following chapters, but for now, just know that Credibility Books are much shorter and easier to put together and can be completed in a matter of days or weeks.

Chances are you have all kinds of things running through your mind right now. “Writing a book” might not be on your to-do list. I get it.


4 Parts

71 Pages

Perhaps you’ve heard from other people telling you something like, “Hey! You need to write a book. That’s the best way to separate yourself from everyone else!”

You know what? They’re only partly right!

Writing and publishing a “traditional” book is actually one of the worst things you can do for your business.

It’s true.

I know it sounds crazy because we’re so used to hearing about the only way to position yourself as the obvious go-to expert is to publish a “traditional” book.

But it’s not.

Don’t get me wrong. 

Having a print book is VERY IMPORTANT and can completely change your business

Believe me, I want you to have a print book with your name on it.

You just need to go about it in the right way.

And that’s what this letter is all about.

I’m going to share three secrets with you now that’s going to completely transform the way you look at the publishing industry forever and make you understand why “traditional” publishing is NOT the way to go and what the better alternative is.

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What Customers Say

"The Credibility Book program offered by Drew was everything as promised. Working with his team was amazing, and the response was fast. I got my book done faster than they had promised. The changes I had asked for were done quickly. Overall, I am pleased with the end product, and now I am working on getting the results from this great marketing tool!"

Randy Walden

"I was recently a part of Drew's Credibility Book program. Jumping in, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Drew helped every step of the way! He demonstrated a very positive attitude throughout the process and helped me establish a series of goals in manageable pieces. If I had some questions or problems, Drew would take the initiative to help me over the obstacles and allow us to find a solution quickly. Overall this was a great experience, and Drew was there each step of the way."

Paul Conant

"Getting my book published with Drew was a great experience. He was helpful, professional, and courteous all the way through. Always willing to make any tweaks or major changes without the slightest bit of grumbling. If you are thinking about getting a book published, I would definitely recommend you go to Drew!"

John McDonald

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